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Design Projects and Paper

02. Oct. 2014

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Meet only Original Designs celebrates 35 years and has moved into the grand hall 5 of the Brussels Expo. In a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere Trendease DesignVision takes you on a journey through the trends and Blue Drops, plus the new Media City featuring the ever-growing Innovation Platform, Contract Square, and the Digital Village, with interviews from internationally acclaimed designer Markus Benesch, contract textile expert Marco Orlandi, and the awe-inspiring paper and home fashion design duo Isabella and Werner de Borchgrave. MoOD is an intimate show where design professionals can come to do business and have meaningful conversations with exhibitors who own their collections enabling them to adapt to the clients’ needs.

MoOD is one of 100+ design events Trendease attends each year. Subscribers to www.trendease.com can see detailed MoOD coverage once logged in. Remember MoOD is more than 3 days per year; it is 365 days of inspiration at MooodBrussels.com.

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