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Making the Cut

02. Feb. 2009

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Making the Cut Rating: 4.7/5 (63 votes cast)

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Home fashion and design are naturally competitive industries. Now throw in a challenging economic climate where some businesses will survive while others fade away to distant memory. Design can become your competitive advantage in times such as these. Mix in a few trends and curiosity leans to see who will be making the cut in seasons to come. But until then, the Trendease Team has discovered another strengthening design movement. Negative space as a pleasing aesthetic is fashioning chandeliers out of the sun, patterned flames from candlelight, and carpets that reveal the floor beneath. Outdoor furniture, tables and chairs, wall and window treatments, and especially textiles, these designs are certainly making the cut.

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Comment by john mc donough 07. Oct. 2009

Hi Jen good job good luck

Comment by Sandra Kroll 04. Feb. 2009
Jennifer--you seemed to be having fun with "acting" and presentation in this episode! Great job and great dress--you look lovely! You may want to study your "clenched fists", though. Good episode--wish I could see camera panning item more slowly and have available a "stop and zoom" feature.
Comment by blair porter 03. Feb. 2009
great job. makes you want to redesign your home furnishings.
Comment by Jennifer Castoldi 02. Feb. 2009
Hello everybody! Just a couple of notes: we recently learned that since filming, the company Nicky D is no longer in business. Too bad because they had really cool things. Also, at the end of this episode I mention that the next topic will be 'Jewelry for the Home;' however, since our last filming in the studio, we now have two special episodes that we had the pleasure to film on location--these will come next! Thanks for watching Trendease DesignVision!
Comment by Blaise 02. Feb. 2009
Nice touch at the end ; )