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Wonder Walls

24. Nov. 2008

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This is edutainment.
In the pilot episode of Trendease DesignVision our host Jennifer Castoldi takes us on a whirlwind tour of ten trends in the universe of wallcoverings. It is not your grandmother's wallpaper! After over 30 years the walls have never been so fashionable. Be inspired by well-known names like Swarovski and Osborne & Little or be taken by surprise with new talent like Michelle Brand. Trend people, fashion photography, 3D designs, cityscapes, art, and secret politics are not off the wall, but on it!

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Comment by Ernesto 19. Dec. 2008
Hi Jennifer,
Sorry for that misunderstanding, I just meant it's great to hear and see you when explaining, but yes, of course, this new complement can never be a substitute of trendease.com, as a subscriber I can testify that for sure trendease.com it's one of the best resources for designers I've ever found, with so much trends advice and visual information, and truly I recommend it to everybody.
Comment by Jennifer Castoldi 13. Dec. 2008
Hi all,
Just to follow up with a few of the comments:
Ernesto, I am pleased to hear that you enjoy the show, just remember that each episode is like one feature on Trendease.com, and Trendease.com has over 1000 feature articles and more than 30,000 images. Trendease.TV is a fabulous new way to reach design lovers and professionals, but in no way is it a substitute for the premium content of Trendease.com.
The wonderful choker I am wearing in this episode comes from the London-based design company Isolyn.
Comment by Michelle 13. Dec. 2008
Good stuff Jennifer. Your a natural.
Im liking your choker!
Comment by Ernesto 09. Dec. 2008
Hi Jennifer,
Congrats for the show!! it's just great! I love it, (the way you explain, the format, the montage...) and this one particularly is very informative and interesting.
I use to read all your reports, but it's so much better to hear and WATCH what you explain than read on the newsletter.
Great idea! really inspiral, thanks!
Comment by Eve Purdew 09. Dec. 2008
Well done Jennifer - as usual your expose is interesting and very informative - I'll be sending it out to my interior designer colleagues. Bearing in mind my expertise in the impact of the environment on the human being - I do hope the NO WAR wall paper takes off and the guns disappear!
Comment by Vina 09. Dec. 2008
Thanks Jennifer!
Comment by Hanneke Geurts van Kessel 08. Dec. 2008
Very cool! great to have a design snack during the day
Comment by Jennifer Castoldi 08. Dec. 2008
Hi Vina,
Thank you for your comments. The "art of wallpaper" is customizable by some designers; however, the design we show in this episode by Fred Tomaselli is available by the roll as presented above. There are more than ten trends mentioned in the show, but the ones pointed out are stickers as fashion for the wall, XXL, trend people, fashion photography, 3D designs, eco-chic, cityscapes, the art of wallpaper, secret politics, and flavor paper. Thanks for watching!
Comment by Annette Taylor-Anderson of ATADesigns 08. Dec. 2008
Hi Jennifer,

This is great! I love the wallpaper trend report. I look forward to the next episode.
Comment by Cecilia M Oliva 08. Dec. 2008
Jennifer, you have come a long way from when we were at FIT. Congratulations you have a very keen and creative way to interprets the trends. Keep up the good work!
Comment by Vina 08. Dec. 2008
Congratulations! Very informative and exciting. Just some questions: Is the "art of wallpaper" trend customized or personalized (hence the high price as you mentioned). So far I counted 8 trends. Maybe I missed something. Thanks.
Comment by Blaise 06. Dec. 2008
Looks supergood!
Comment by Jennifer 03. Dec. 2008
This is so exciting!!! Welcome to the show. Please give us your feedback below.