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Among Us with Urquiola x Heimtextil

02. Jul. 2024

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The excitement is building! In January 2024 Heimtexil announced to the press that a very special collaboration is to happen at the 2025 edition in collaboration with the world-renowned designer and architect Patricia Urquiola. Recently, during a VIP press conference in Milan, Patricia Urquiola unveiled a little bit more about the unique installation she and her team are preparing under the theme ‘Among Us’. Jennifer Castoldi was on site to discuss this partnership with Urquiola and Olaf Schmidt, Messe Frankfurt. While ‘Among Us’ remains a mystery, after spending time together, we have a better idea of some impressive projects Studio Urquiola has done in the past, and we cannot wait to see how they intertwine with the direction for next year. Trendease will share more as the project unfolds. Stay tuned and enjoy this preview!

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Trendease DesignVision: Among Us with Urquiola x Heimtextil

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